There are so many types of eyelash extensions out there making it a little bit confusing, especially for those who are new to the industry. We want to help clear up all the confusion by explaining the key differences between each eyelash extension type.  


Real Mink eyelash extensions are still surprisingly popular by many, even though they come from the furs of a real mink. These are one of the most luxurious and over-the-top beauty indulgences in the market today, as it can cost you nearly a fortune at about $300-$500 USD per set. The beauty about Real Mink lashes is that they are extremely lightweight and soft, as well as having the most natural look to them than anything else. These lashes also tend to last a bit longer than the synthetic types. However, the downfall is that it cannot maintain the curl as long. Often, clients of Real Mink lashes have to occasionally curl them, especially after being wet.

As popular as they are, these are also unsuitable for many due to unaffordability, allergies to animal fur, and those against animal cruelty. At Lashed Couture, we’re absolutely against animal cruelty, which is why we do not and will never sell Real Mink eyelash extensions.  


Faux Mink eyelash extensions are man-made and created from a synthetic material called Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT). These lash extensions are the most popular choice by many lash artists because they closely resemble the real thing based on their appearance, softness, and texture.

Our Faux Mink eyelash extensions are designed with a very deep taper made with the richest dark black colour and natural matte finish to give you that luxurious, natural look and feel. They are also very lightweight, especially in comparison to many other branded Faux Minks out there. These are the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a more natural looking set, and also great for volume and mega-volume sets because of how lightweight they come.  


Silk Lashes are not created from silk like most believe. They are made from the same PBT material as Faux Minks. However, the only difference between the two is in their shape, weight, and finish. In terms of shape, they have a much shorter taper making them look much thicker and full-bodied. This also makes them a bit heavier than Faux Minks, about 30% more! They usually come in a semi-gloss finish and are great to use if you’re looking to create glamorous or dramatic sets.


Flat Lashes are the newest trend to hit market. They are also made from the same PBT material that’s used to create Faux Mink and Silk Lashes, however what sets them apart is their unique flat structure. While Faux Mink and Silk Lashes are designed with a round base, Flat Lashes are made with a flat base. The beauty about these lashes is that they look much wider than the other lash types, however they are much lighter in weight.

Knowing these basic differences in lash types is crucial for every lash artist. This knowledge will prepare you in determining which lash type best suits your clients based on the lash look they are aiming for.

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